Basketball and Hip-Hop obsessed tomboy turned illustrator


Basketball and Hip-Hop obsessed tomboy turned illustrator.

Growing up as a tomboy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, all I cared about was basketball. However, peaking at the height of a ripe 5’4, I had to reevaluate my plans and aim for something much more attainable. So, I went to school for….art. At the age of 18, I packed my bags and headed to the Big Appl- I mean, Syracuse, New York eventually graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from Syracuse University. At the beginning of my freelancing career I worked as a contributing illustrator to magazines such as, the Daily Orange and Mixtape magazine, and worked with Hip-Hop artists in Milwaukee, designing posters, merchandise, logos, and album covers. Since graduating, I have continued working in, for, and about “the culture” (aka Hip-Hop and basketball), and have since, also gotten into murals. I’ll leave you with this: come back to this page again, because one day my client list will include the likes of: Nike, Adidas, ESPN, the New Yorker, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, maybe even Beyonce. I’m just saying, keep an eye out for the kid.

Clients (currently) include: Amanda Seales, Jazz Cartier, Tyler Herro, Artists Working in Education, Words Beats & Life and more…